The Daily English Challenge (DEC) is a language-based game devised and run by International House Bristol. The questions test grammar, spelling, function and appropriateness of language in a fun format. It is a fun way of expanding your knowledge and testing your abilities, with the opportunity to win a free course in English at IH Bristol.

The game is divided into 3 levels, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced and within each level there are 3 more sub-divisions. On Monday to Friday every week of the year, registered users can access a series of questions to try to get onto the leaderboards.

The questions are graded so the first question is the easiest and only if you are correct in answering it do you get access to the second question and so on. You are also playing against the clock and the time available to answer the question varies depending on the type of question and whether it is the first, second or third in the sequence. Response times and correct answers are taken into account when putting people on the leaderboards.

Registration is easy but necessary if you want to play. We have created a demo to show you how the game works. We insist that you play for yourself and at your real level.